Press Releases 2011

Oct 2011 - Labradorite Peacock Blue Block Quarry Update

NMG Group is pleased to announce early production at their quarry, near Maniry.
The quarry was opened in Aug 2011.
150 tons of blocks were trucked to the port of Tulear last week, with an estimated monthly production at 300 tons per month.

Aug 2011 - New Scottsdale Gallery

Gem Surfaces gallery is now open! We are pleased to invite designers, architects, fabricators and any other professional in the trade to our new Scottsdale gallery, displaying more than 100 gemstone slabs in stock.

Madagascar Minerals - Gem Surfaces New Scottsdale Gallery
July 2011 - Labradorite Mine Update

NMG Group is pleased to announce a 7-year term mining contract that was signed July 19, regarding their Labradorite claim, in Maniry. NORCROSS EXPLORATION AND EXPLOITATION SARL has agreed to a joint venture with a Chinese firm, YUAN SHI KUANG YE GONGSI SARL to develop the mine. The mine will produce very high quality dimensional blocks, which will be sold to luxury granite slab production companies throughout the world.

June 2011 - Amazonite Mine update

NMG Group is pleased to announce a 1-year mining exclusivity contact with a Chinese firm. This Chinese firm, has been a long-term strategic partner with the Norcross Group. NMG hopes that this deal will help open up the quarry to improve its production efficiency.

April 2011 - Gem Surfaces� newest gallery

Gem Surfaces is pleased to announce the opening of their newest gallery June 1, 2011.
The Gallery is located at 15125 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260,
inside The Scottsdale Design Center , suite #108.
(South East Corner of Hayden and N.83rd Pl.)
The gallery will showcase more than 100 slabs on display, along with a few custom cut-to-fit applications, tiles, tabletops, and a variety of Gem Decor.

Gem Surfaces Gallery - The Scottsdale Design CenterGem Surfaces Gallery - The Scottsdale Design Center
Gem Surfaces Gallery - The Scottsdale Design Center

Jan 2011 - Garnet in Matrix Update

In July, the NMG Group acquired a famous a 40-year producing Garnet in Matrix Mine. The NMG group holds many garnet properties, but the significance of this mine is the fact that its overburden has long been removed, and the black granite and ore matrix outcrop is exposed. The plan is to produce large dimensional blocks from this Garnet in Matrix, and have the blocks cut into slabs for luxury granite and marble industry.
Once cut into large slabs, the polished product displays fantastic garnets (flat) in the black granite matrix (see pics).
Most of the garnets produced from this mine are Spessartite Garnets (Mandarin Orange Color). This mining claim is beside NMG�s Zebradorite, Yellow Jasper, Chestnut Jasper (Red Jasper), and Rhodonite claims.

Jan 2011 - Petrified Wood update

NMG Group, the world�s largest producer of Petrified Wood, is pleased to announce Petrified Wood Slices > 1m in diameter will be on display at all 5 locations at this year�s Tucson Gem and Mineral shows and Madagascar Minerals Gem Show in Tucson. More than 100 large crated slabs will be on display and available for sale.

Jan 2011

Gem Surfaces is pleased to unveil plans to open a new Gallery and Slab distribution location in the Kierland - Airpark Design District of North Scottsdale, AZ.

Jan 2011

Gem Surfaces is pleased to announce plans to open a new Gallery and Slab distribution location in Guangzhou, China. Although Gem Surfaces has produced product in China for the last 6 years, this will be the first attempt at penetrating into the Chinese luxury market.

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