Press Releases 2014

Aug 2014 - NMG Tumbling Factory

Norcross is in the process of upgrading existing tumbling machinery, and will be going into high-volume tumbling. 10 years ago Norcross abandoned its tumbling efforts as "Gallets" become readily available in the local market. "Gallets" are hand-polished baroque and compete with tumbled stone. However, the volume of Gallets available, since hand fabricated, is very small. Norcross overcame the shortage issue through the outsourcing and control of its rough supply. Unfortunately, the outsource program, although at one point employed more than 50 independent lapidaries, created competition. Norcross sells the rough on a credit contract, and independently buys back the gallets at market price. Middle traders started buying from the independent Norcross Outsource lapidaries, making the already small supply even smaller.

Aug 2014 - Agate Fields Update

Norcross strategist, Leighton Wolf has been evaluating the 200 km2 Amberjeby Agate Land Holdings. Norcross aquired the property in 2008, and has been mining alluvial agate, desert jasper, and sea (ocean) jasper since.
Recently, carnelian has been found.

July 2014 - Labradorite Quarry Update

NMG and their Chinese partner YUAN SHI KUANG YE GONGSI SARL are in the process of renegotiating their mining venture.
The new contact is under negotiation to extend an additional 3 years. NMG plans to start processing it own blocks in the near future.
Part of the delay in the negotiations is NMG's position to take limited block production, and less royalties.
If the new terms can be agreed, NMG will be instantly into the granite slab business, and will be offering bundles (7 slabs cut from the same block in sequence).
New custom machinery is being shipped that can make vessel sinks from small blocks.

Labradorite Blocks QuarryLabradorite Blocks Quarry

July 2014 - Amazonite Quarry Update

Great year at the Amazonite quarry. Production turned around in 2013, and continued to increase in 2014.
New tributoary veins discovered.

June 2014 - Gem Surfaces Scottsdale Gallery has moved - new location -

Gem Surfaces is pleased to announce the relocation of their North Scottsdale AZ gallery.

14525 N. 79th St. Suite E,
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 779-0791

Gem Surfaces® Gallery ScottsdaleGem Surfaces® Gallery Scottsdale

Jan 2014 - Madagascar General Elections Have Finally Taken Place

After 5 years of Political unrest that has stagnated the Malagasy economy - General Elections finally took place late in 2013. There was a first round of presidential elections on October 25, followed on December 20, 2013 by run-off presidential elections. The run-off was between Jean Louis ROBINSON and Hery RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA , the top two candidates to emerge from the first round of voting in October.

Note that in January 2009, President Marc RAVALOMANANA had been removed in a military coup led by Andry RAJOELINA, the then-popular mayor of Antananarivo.
The military regime put in a transitional non-elected government. The international community called the transitional government a non-legitimate coup, cautioned for peace,
and demanded the democratic process of elections to begin immediately. Most foreign aid was cut off, and Madagascar was placed on the short list of sanctioned countries with military dictatorships.

Already poor, Madagascar stumbled into further economic hardship and most foreign businesses failed or evacuated the country. NMG suffered badly as mining taxes tripled during this difficult time.

On Dec 25th, 2013, it was announced that a transitional government backed Hery RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA was the winner of the second round of voting with 53.50%.
The British newspaper "The Guardian" pointed out that he will become the head of state with the longest family name, at 19 letters, his full name being
Hery Martial Rakotoarimanana Rajaonarimampianina.

General feelings are mixed about the new President, with most adopting the view that: moving forward, being recognized as legitimate country now,
receiving back all the needed foreign aid money, welcoming back all the foreign investors and rebuilding to be the new glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.
The hope there is that things will return to normality.

Jan 2014 - Labradorite Mine update

Production is preparing for the 2014 season, as the rainy season slows down towards the end of February.
Norcross is in negotiations to acquire a gang saw, and or a multi-wire saw capable of processing 25 ton labradorite blocks into 2 cm thick labradorite slabs for countertops and floor tile.
The large hurdle in the past few years has been the cost of each machine (> $1 million USD each).
Strategic partnerships with the leaders in the industry has made this dream a reality.
Norcross will become the first company in Madagascar to have the ability to process standard-size granite blocks.

The Gem Surfaces division of NMG has been producing gemstone mosaic slabs for years, and in 2013 moved its factory from China back to Madagascar, with some machinery still in transport.
Gem Surfaces has the capability to process the granite slabs once sawn, thanks to machinery already in operation.

Since 2011, Norcross has partnered with the quarry operator at the Maniry Peacock Blue quarry. Over the past three years, working side-by-side with this partner, NMG has acquired the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to run a quarry.

Jan 2014 - Amazonite Mine update

Production increased in 2013 to its highest level since the mine's inception.
Pegmatite exploration for for tributary arms continues.
It has been a Peaceful Year.
Road planning is taking place to ensure better access throughout the varied seasons

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