Sea Jasper (Orbicular Jasper) update

Nov 08:

Production is back underway at NMG's original sea jasper claim from 2000 near Analava (Ambolobozo).

NMG explorers discovered a totally new sea jasper find in July 07, but kept this exciting discovery secret until now. The entire region has been secured and production is underway.
The new find exhibits the best of the best material ever seen. The "orbs" appear much smaller in this new material. NMG will not disclose the details of this location for security reasons. 2000's finds created a lot of excitement and with that interest came a host of security challenges. NMG is pleased to announce production in these two different regions. Photo below shows newly discovered exclusive NMG material.

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Sea Jasper (Orbicular Jasper) update
By Robert Grant
Robert Grant