Prussian Blue Agate

Not to be confused with NMG’s recent Blue Quartz/Agate material, NMG China facility is pleased to announce successful chemical treatment of their agate. Using translated secret German recipes dating back more than 120 years, from the famous gemstone region of Idar-Oberstien, Norcross Stone Treater’s have successfully changed grey banded agate into beautiful Prussian Blue Agate. 
Idar-Oberstien is also the birth place of agate chemical treatment. NMG’s Gem Surface’s brand is now producing blue agate slabs (granite slab standard sizes), tiles and furniture. Madagascar Minerals will be offering all their customary polished products in blue agate. NMG’s Thierry Andrianarismasy started treatment of cut agate slices, however, due the slab polishing process, the penetration wasn't’t deep enough. After a few months of experimentation, Gem Surfaces succeeded at treating a full size, 400kg granite slab (agate gemstone) in one streamlined process. NMG claims this safeguarded technique to be the largest ever successfully achieved, on record.

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Prussian Blue Agate
By Robert Grant
Robert Grant