Optical Calcite update

Aug 09: NMG is pleased to announce production underway at their optical calcite Claims. Earlier reports last year detailed the extreme environmental conditions limiting access to this fascinating new stone. NMG was contacted by the original claim beneficiary to assist with a security and transport problem. Since then, NMG has secured the deposit, acquiring more than 25 square kilometers of optical calcite mountains. Transporting the material is the biggest challenge. Previously this was a 3-day adventure, with material carried on heads, and 75% shrinkage along the way. NMG has forged a 15km trail to the south, which meets an impassible river. Transport boats are used to move the material down river 45km to the city of Miandrivazo. NMG’s president, Robert Grant, maintains that this new find will be one of more significant new materials offered in the Gem and Mineral industry. “Optically clean stones are rare and appreciated by not only connoisseurs and knowable collectors, but the general public. This material, when polished, not only exhibits the extreme double refraction typically found in clear calcite, but demonstrates an intense fire effect, a feature desired in faceted diamonds” . NMG is in the process of introducing their exclusive material to the jewelry manufacturing industry in China.