Metaphysical and Physical Guide of Our Indigo Gabbro


Indigo Gabbro is a newly mined crystal from Madagascar.
Indigo gabbro is a relatively new crystal used in polishing and carving and has only surfaced in the last few years. It has an amazing array of colors from light indigo purple to black. It has a very good energy when held in your hand.

Gabbro refers to a large group of dark, coarse-grained, intrusive mafic igneous rocks chemically equivalent to basalt. The rocks are plutonic, formed when molten magma is trapped beneath the Earth's surface and cools into a crystalline mass.
The vast majority of the Earth's surface is underlain by gabbro within the oceanic crust, produced by basalt magmatism at mid-ocean ridges.
Gabbro is dense, greenish or dark-colored and contains pyroxene, plagioclase, amphibole, and olivine (olivine gabbro when olivine is present in a large amount).
Gabbro is generally coarse grained, with crystals in the size range of 1 mm or greater. Finer grained equivalents of gabbro are called diabase, although the vernacular term microgabbro is often used when extra descriptiveness is desired. Gabbro may be extremely coarse grained to pegmatitic, and some pyroxene-plagioclase cumulates are essentially coarse grained gabbro, although these may exhibit acicular crystal habits.

Gabbro can be formed as a massive, uniform intrusion via in-situ crystallisation of pyroxene and plagioclase, or as part of a layered intrusion as a cumulate formed by settling of pyroxene and plagioclase. Cumulate gabbros are more properly termed pyroxene-plagioclase orthocumulate.
Gabbro is an essential part of the oceanic crust, and can be found in many ophiolite complexes as parts of zones III and IV (sheeted dyke zone to massive gabbro zone). Long belts of gabbroic intrusions are typically formed at proto-rift zones and around ancient rift zone margins, intruding into the rift flanks. Mantle plume hypotheses may rely on identifying mafic and ultramafic intrusions and coeval basalt volcanism.

Gabbro often contains valuable amounts of chromium, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, platinum, and copper sulfides.
Ocellar varieties of gabbro can be used as ornamental facing stones, paving stones and it is also known by the trade name of 'black granite', which is a popular type of graveyard headstone used in funerary rites. It is also used in kitchens and their countertops, also under the misnomer of 'black granite'.

Gabbro was named by the German geologist Christian Leopold von Buch after a town in the Italian Tuscany region. Essexite is named after the type locality in Essex County, MA, USA.

Physical properties of Indigo Gabbro:
Category: Silicate
Chemical Formula: SiO2
Mohs Scale Hardness: 6-6.5
Gravity: 2.86-2.87 
Color: White Indigo to black
Rarity: Rare
Location: Madagascar

Gabbro is a combination of multiple minerals containing Feldspar, Chlorite, Serpentine, Muscovite, Pyroxene, Hercynite, and Magnetite in a charcoal colored matrix; it may also contain small amounts of Olivine, Chrome Garnet, Actinolite, and Biotite; it is found in various locations in the state of Alaska

Metaphysical guide of Gabbro:

Gabbro is said to promote "dominion" and unanticipated developments which can assist the user in realizing the importance of individuals and events disregarded or neglected; Gabbro is said to relieve discordance and violence in temper and expression; Gabbro is said to provide connection to the Higher Self and awakens the energy of the third-eye; Gabbro is said to assist one in locating energy blockages within the body; Gabbro is said to be useful in the treatment of "hot flashes", cellular swelling and infections, disorders of the immune system, bruising, and sprains; Gabbro is also said to provide purification within the body, to alleviate the effects of fevers, and to balance the alkalinity of the body; due to the magnetite content, it may be attracted to a magnet.

This information does not intend to serve as medical advice, cure any diseases, and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. This information is available to assist in expanding your understanding of prevailing beliefs in the metaphysical fields.

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