Metaphysical & Physical Guide to our Fluorite


Fluorite (also called Fluorspar) is a halide mineral composed of calcium fluoride, CaF2. It is an isometric mineral with a cubic habit, though octahedral and more complex isometric forms are not uncommon. Crystal twinning is common and adds complexity to the observed crystal habits.

The word fluorite is derived from the Latin root fluo, meaning "to flow" because the mineral is used to increase the fluidity of slags used in smelting flux. This increase in fluidity is the result of the ionic nature of the mineral. The melting point of pure calcium fluoride is 1676 K. Fluorite gave its name to the phenomenon of fluorescence, which is prominent in fluorites from certain locations, due to certain impurities in the crystal. Fluorite also gave the name to its constitutive element fluorine.

Physical properties of Fluorite:

Category: Halide mineral
Stone Type/Family: A member of the Fluorite family, Halides Class
Chemical formula: CaF2
Crystal symmetry: Isometric 4/m 3 2/m
Unit cell: a = 5.4626 Å; Z=4
Color: Colorless, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, rainbow (a combination of one or two more colors), brown, bluish black; commonly zoned
Crystal habit: Occurs as well-formed coarse sized crystals also nodular, botryoidal, rarely columnar or fibrous; granular, massive
Crystal system: Isometric, cF12, SpaceGroup Fm3m, No. 225
Twinning: Common on {111}, interpenetrant, flattened
Cleavage: Octahedral, perfect on {111}, parting on {011}
Fracture: Subconchoidal to uneven
Tenacity: Brittle
Mohs scale hardness: 4 (defining mineral)
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Diaphaneity: Transparent to translucent
Specific gravity: 3.175-3.184; to 3.56 if high in rare-earth elements
Optical properties: Isotropic; weak anomalous anisotropism
Refractive index: 1.433-1.448
Fusibility: 3
Other characteristics: sometimes phosphoresces when heated or scratched. Other varieties fluoresce
Location: Worldwide including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Spain, UK, USA
Rarity: Common
Fun Fact: Fluorite is the most popular mineral for mineral collectors in the world, second only to quartz.

Metaphysical guide of Fluorite:

Healing, Protective, Cleansing
Primary Chakra: In general-All, more specific with color
Astrological sign(s): Pisces, Capricorn
Vibration: Number 7 and 9

Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. When working with the upper Chakras, Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. Fluorite further anchors intuitive insights into the physical plane, allowing mental and physical coordination. A popular stone among energy healers, Fluorite can also clear the aura of mucky energies.

Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation. Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at Auric and Chakra cleansing. Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation. Due to its powerful ability to absorb negative energies, Fluorite should be cleared often.

Physically, Fluorite is known to strengthen bones and teeth, and ameliorate the pain associated with arthritis. Fluorite is also used to enhance mental functions by balancing the chemistry in the brain.

In addition to the general metaphysical uses of Fluorite, there are unique properties associated with the different colors of Fluorite. Rainbow Fluorite exhibits a combination of these properties.

Green Fluorite aids access to intuition. Green Fluorite can ground and absorb excess energy, including environmental energies. Use Green Fluorite to cleanse and renew the chakras. Wonderful healing piece! Vibrates to the number 2.

When used with the Third Eye Chakra, Blue Fluorite brings spiritual awaking and clear communication between the physical and spiritual planes. Used with the Throat Chakra, Blue Fluorite aids in orderly communication of intuitive insights. The calm, serene energy of Blue Fluorite brings inner peace. Vibrates to the number 2.

Purple Fluorite stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and brings some common sense to psychic intuitions. Use Purple Fluorite when you want to really focus on the expression of Spirit, and communicate precisely its messages. Vibrates to the Master Number 77.

Yellow Fluorite brings understanding and manifestation to intuitions. A stone of unity, Yellow Fluorite harmonizes group energy and enhances creativity. Excellent detox stone! Vibrates to the number 9.

Use clear, colorless Fluorite with the Crown Chakra to bring about a merging of personal and spiritual energies. Clear Fluorite aligns all of the chakras, and helps you see what is holding you back in your spiritual evolution. Vibrates to the number 2.


This information does not intend to serve as medical advice, cure any diseases, and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. This information is available to assist in expanding your understanding of prevailing beliefs in the metaphysical fields.