Live Stream Specials

Enter the product codes during the live stream into the chat at anytime to take advantage of our specials!

Our techs will add these to your shopping carts while you are shopping.

Chrysoprase pack of 3 /small or large  $20 or $30    (Chryso20/30)

Mystery Boxes  $20  $50  $100  $250 (Mystery20/50/100/250)

Celestite CDR regular        10lbs          $50 (CDR50)

HUGE SAVINGS assorted tumbles pack   21lbs    $300 (1 bag each) (Tumble300)

 42 lbs    $500  (2 bags each) (Tumble500)

Mixed heart flat                    $300 (AsstHeart300)

16 assorted chip bracelets                   $45 (Asstchip45)