Discovery of Amazonite block material

Sept 08:

NMG is pleased to announce the discovery of Amazonite block material. Acquisition of the new find might prove to be a challenge, as the area falls on the edge of an environmentally protected area. NMG team is working with the local NGO in the region to attempt to re-evaluate the protected region, as this area falls on the edge, and likely was over-extended buffer area. Norcross is a committed partner in protecting the delicate Malagasy environment, but it in the process of protecting sensitive areas, huge buffer zones were created to insure threatened areas would actually be protected - immediately. It was intended that these buffer areas would be sized-down wherever needed, after verification, that they are not indeed part of the sensitive region. Further details of the area will be released only after the area is successfully acquired.

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Discovery of Amazonite block material
By Robert Grant
Robert Grant