Copal Production

July 09

NMG is pleased to announce production at their ancient copal forest. Copal is a hard resin exuded from a special coniferous tree. NMG miners dig in the ancient copal forests which includes alluvial recent to semi-fossilized (65% polymerized) insect-included resin. For thousands of years, ancient copal trees deposited copious amounts of resin to heal injuries sustained from the destructive forces of nature (like cyclones). 

Branches typically would snap, exposing the phloem part of the tree which transports the resin. The resin would slowly flow in large “icicles” globing off the tree and fall to the ground, entombing leaves and insects along its path. Excavating in areas where trees once lived and currently live, exposes beautiful specimens. NMG operates a sustainability project, protecting the last living trees from poachers and traditional slash and burn practices - still common throughout Madagascar today. Without NMG’s sustainability and protection plan, the remaining tree’s would have fallen in 2009. NMG is working with the Malagasy department of Forest, on the sustainability plan along with management of the resource.

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Copal Production
By Robert Grant
Robert Grant