Amazonite Update

July 09

NMG has been working with the local NGO to declassify an environmentally protected area for the last 8 months.
NMG is preparing to submit their sustainability proposal. The land in question is near rare endemic plants. NMG explorer’s maintain their proposed mining project is part of a greater buffer area, outside the area of protection. NMG lead explorer, Meme Rakotombi points out that NMG focus is on sustainability and includes local people in the greater picture, and as part of the “environment”. Mr. Rakotombi explains “we need to think about the local people equally as we do the environment. Too many international NGO’s come here to protect, protect and protect whatever they can. How can we develop, if everything is protected?” After the proposal is submitted, it will be voted on by various vested interests and government groups. NMG’s long term plans for the area include amazonite block (5-14 ton per block) excavation. However the land and no road access might limit the potential of this green gemstone feldspar to small block production (1-200kg per pc).
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Amazonite Update
By Robert Grant
Robert Grant