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Labradorite Spheres 50mm 2pcs Set
Name: Labradorite Spheres 50mm 2pcs Set
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  Labradorite Spheres 50mm 2pcs Set
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  Labradorite Spheres 50mm 2pcs Set
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  Labradorite Spheres 50mm 2pcs Set
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labradorite Spheres 50mm 2pcs Set. This Labradorite was mined from the Norcross-Madagascar (NMG) Labradorite quarry, located in the south of Madagascar. Labradorite found in Madagascar is one of the best Labradorite on the world. You will receive 2pcs of Labradorite Spheres 50mm, similar to what is photographed, with this order. $24.70/lb. Further discounts apply for quantity purchasing. It's better to buy your Labradorite Sphere from Madagascar Minerals, your direct source of Labradorite. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. See below the metaphysical guide of Labradorite. For further information, please call a Madagascar Minerals® sales representative (520) 882-8884.
Metaphysical guide and Physical properties of Labradorite

Physical properties:
Stone Type/Family: A member of the Feldspar family, Silicates Class
Category: feldspar, tectosilicate
Crystal System: Triclinic
Cleavage: three directions
Hardness: 6-6.5
Color: Gray, Green Gray, Black with colorful shillers most often in golds, greens, blues and violets
Metaphysical guide:
Strength, Transformation, Intuition
Primary Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Astrological signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo

Highly mystical, Labradorite heightens intuition and enhances psychic abilities, making it great for working with the Third Eye Chakra. Intuition and intellect are balanced by Labradorite, illusions are dispelled and true intentions are seen more easily with its use.
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